Yarn Rescue Mission & A Puppy 

Nearly finished with the base of my Medona bag and I run out of yarn!

Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a big deal, run to the store and buy some more–problem solved. Apparently the yarn I chose to use is now discontinued, I searched every craft store and website around, no luck. Finally I turned to the Raverly community and started sending messages to users with the yarn I so desperately needed in their stash. And bingo TheKnittyMuggins chimes in with a delightful “it’s all yours.” So my project is on hold at the moment while I wait for the skeins to come in the mail, which means my idle hands have found something new to work on in the mean time.

Say hello to my newest little amigurumi’s head.. This one will be a little puppy off a pattern I bought on Etsy  from Anatillea (who’s also on Raverly). I’m not a fan of using white because it gets dirty too easily so I’ve modified her intended yarn color design. Here’s what the final product will essentially look like (just different colors):

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