Adventure Log 03.16.2022

Most of the 15th was spent on the road. I traveled through Louisiana, across Mississippi into Tennessee. There was a band of rain during my trip so the snap shot I got from the Tennessee line isn’t great. I’ll try to get a still from my dash cam when I get around to downloading it (if it looks share-worthy). Processing my footage is a whole other process—that can be months if it is not done the same day (maybe week).

I encourage anyone who has me take photos to remind me frequently else I am extremely prone to forgetting (a major reason I’m not a professional photographer). I’m an artist, I’m impulsive and on a continuous journey to feeling peaceful. Traveling is absolutely something I love about life. Visiting new places, being in good company.

Today was mostly family time with my friend and her toddler, having everyone get acquainted. Xena did really well and she was very gentle with everyone. She did go into guard mode when my friends teenage son opened the side gate unexpectedly and she barked / charged. The moment she realized “young human” her whole ass shook with tail wagging. Kids are her obedience kryptonite — they’re always the BEST playmates.

Before Xe and I got on the road we stopped off at The Best Stop in Scott, LA to get some Tasso, sausage, cracklins and boudin (a few cajun favorites for my guh). They traveled passenger side in a cooler with us to Tennessee. We both munched on cracklins enjoying cool weather on her balcony for most of the day. It was nice to reconnect.

My evening is topped off with a long soak and writing this blog post. I’m grateful for the time and opportunity to see my friend again after all these years. I feel very fortunate to have bonds with souls all around the world, it’s a lovely excuse to travel for time with those you adore. Simply sitting and chatting was a great day for me.

I typically plan trips day by day and we’ve currently got lunch plans for tomorrow. It’ll likely be a couple days between my posts, be sure I have some things to chat about. Thank y’all for joining on the adventure!

Be well, sweet souls! 💛

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