Anxious Eating : Louisiana, Houma, Song Phi Nong Thai Restaurant

5 / 5 💛 Mister and I were in Houma running errands and I heard from a few locals this place has quality Thai options. When we’re able, we sit outside to eat—it’s a more entertaining environment for my service dog, Xena and we all like being outdoors. At the front desk the lady wasContinue reading “Anxious Eating : Louisiana, Houma, Song Phi Nong Thai Restaurant”

Anxious Eating : Restaurant Reviewing

Mister and I went out for lunch and I had a thought for posting reviews. I grew up in Acadiana area of Louisiana and through my military enlistment, I traveled the world. I lived in S. Korea, Germany and traveled Spain, France, the Caribbean’s and more. It’s my most broad creative portfolio: travel and scenicContinue reading “Anxious Eating : Restaurant Reviewing”