Anxious Eating : Louisiana, Houma, Song Phi Nong Thai Restaurant

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5 / 5 💛

Mister and I were in Houma running errands and I heard from a few locals this place has quality Thai options. When we’re able, we sit outside to eat—it’s a more entertaining environment for my service dog, Xena and we all like being outdoors.

At the front desk the lady was very polite in letting us know the tables outside may be wet and it’s not water proof to sit out there on a rainy day. We agreed to take our chances and walked through to the patio space outside the building.

A view of open water at the back of the restaurant with strings of lightbulbs across the ceiling, I imagine the nighttime aesthetic to be captivating when they’re all lit up overhead. Fortunately we did not experience rain while we ate, food arrived quickly and we are often out the door within an hour.

I am far from a Thai expert and asked for a plain chicken pad Thai with spice on the side. Mister ordered himself coffee and mentioned it was good, black no additives. That’s always good news to me because my fella likes his coffee and I like variety dining.

Our table server, Allison (if you should come across this correct me if misspelled) was very polite and courteous with us, she offered to wipe down the table and even encouraged us to try their cheesecake, which I’ll now think to try when we visit again.

Xena did well, the staff were all respectful of her and she sniffed the air while I ate on chicken pad Thai chatting with Mister sipping on his coffee. No issues or incidents to note. The staff did interact with me and not her and that was greatly appreciated.

Enjoyed my to go portion of the meal at home on the couch watching a show at some obscure hour. Definitely recommend giving them a try if you’re a fan of pad Thai and around the Houma, LA area. I suspect that’s a beginners dish overall and it’s what I’ve had before to compare with.

💭 Have you been here before?

Tell me about your experience in the comments. My reviews could detail the establishments decor, service animal accommodation, staff services, meal details and the quality of their to go containers. Recommendations are very welcome, prone to traveling nearly anywhere with a good (or food) excuse. 💛

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