Anxious Eating : Restaurant Reviewing

Mister and I went out for lunch and I had a thought for posting reviews. I grew up in Acadiana area of Louisiana and through my military enlistment, I traveled the world. I lived in S. Korea, Germany and traveled Spain, France, the Caribbean’s and more. It’s my most broad creative portfolio: travel and scenic photography.

The reality is I live with a lot of anxiety, having an array of mental differences from my disabling ptsd to adult diagnosed bipolar and inattentive adhd. I consider myself an alphabet soup of psychiatric labels and often talk on mental health because I have seen and experienced a lot in the world of mental health, good and bad.

This idea on “Anxious Eating” is my personal preference when we go out to eat, which ultimately I greatly enjoy trying new foods. However, I am always varying degrees of anxious and I prefer to eat privately, most preferably at home where I know I am secure and feel the most calm.

Our dining experience goes like this: myself, Xena (my psychiatric service dog) and my fella enter an establishment and ask for either a booth, corner table or outdoor seating if they have it. We’re both our own brand of smokers and while Xena will be well mannered anywhere, sitting outside she has more enjoyment with sights and smells.

The three of us sit down, I look over the menu to choose a meal and Mister will take a look at desserts and ask if they have coffee. This is and always has been our dining experience and it’s something I love about us. Our very first date we ordered coffee and dessert and were leaving within an hour.

I’m ready to leave most places within the time it takes for him to drink one or two cups of coffee. I get a taste for the food I order and take the rest to go as my meal for later when we’re at home. Maybe have dessert if something catches either of our attention.

My reviews could detail the establishments decor, service animal accommodation, staff services, meal details and the quality of their to go containers. I believe I would enjoy this a great deal and recommendations are very welcome, I’m prone to traveling nearly anywhere with a good (or food) excuse.

If reviews would be of interest to you leave a comment below

Suggestions are always welcome

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