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Disabled Veteran, Discovering Artisan

“It’s not the miles you remember, it’s the experiences you never forget.”

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This website is a catch-all for my presence online and if you are reading this, thank you for visiting! If you enjoy my content, my story or simply popped by here to be supportive; please share your feedback! Support and encouragement are greatly appreciated, both help me stay motivated!

Xe and Me

Who am I?

I am an Afghanistan war veteran who maintains sanity through semi-regular adventures with my service dog (Xe), socializing online on discord servers and sharing my creative expressions in art.

Amidst the chaotic times of the 2020 pandemic I discovered my painting abilities and began embracing my innate creative nature, moving from one medium to the next. As of 2021 my creatives include photography, writing, yarn magic (fiber arts), digital design and acrylic painting.

I have been diagnosed with an alphabet soup of mental illnesses, so it’s a topic I tend to migrate towards with my journal writings. If you’d like to know my thoughts on a thing, ask in the comments and we can discuss!

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Afghanistan 2006, wing of AH64D Apache Helicopter

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  • Disabled not DeAdwEighT
    I am deemed psychologically disabled because my psyche struggles on a daily basis quantify as disabling. Mind you, I have my good days and to the average acquaintance I seem ok, like anyone else, maybe a little quirky. To those in my daily life, I swing from one emotion to the next, sometimes in aContinue reading “Disabled not DeAdwEighT”
  • Generational Trauma
    Some of our traits are more obviously inherited from the previous generations: skin, hair and eye colors for example. We can pretty clearly see similarities and note where they’re sourced from by comparison. Research is revealing today that trauma — unhealed — can be passed down in both nature and nurture from one generation toContinue reading “Generational Trauma”
  • It’s ok to be ok
    We all know the popular song “it’s ok not to be okay” and that is also truth. We all struggle sometimes and it’s ok to speak up about it. Being in pursuit of healing since 2006 when I saw my first therapist, I have experienced literal decades of my life feeling broken and believing IContinue reading “It’s ok to be ok”
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