Tough Love: Victimhood

There is no other way to approach this than with tough love. When a person -believes- they are a victim it effectively traps their psyche in this unescapable cage. Taking on the blame, believing you were so foolish to allow this or feeling angry because they violated you. These modes of thinking only serve toContinue reading “Tough Love: Victimhood”

Slut Shaming, Kinks & Consent

According to outsiders, I’ve been a whore or a slut since I was eight because boys bragged about bedding me and I was shamed for it. Thanks assholes. The reality is that I was molested at age 6 by a neighbor boy and developed curiosity about sex before I even knew its purpose, I wasContinue reading “Slut Shaming, Kinks & Consent”

Virtually Aware

Socializing online creates this “public spaces” dynamic from a private setting that few are accustomed to and that’s why, I believe, the virtual world has so much toxicity. In the past the internet was more comparable to an elites club, only those who could afford to connect would be online. Today, the internet is booming.Continue reading “Virtually Aware”

Sit with Shit

In 2015 I ‘retired’ from the 9-5 grind. I filed for and obtained disability for my chronic PTSD symptoms that were exacerbated further by sexual violations during military service. It didn’t stop there, I continued to have a series of unwanted circumstances in my life up until the end of 2018, which taught me aContinue reading “Sit with Shit”