Do You Love You?

I have seen a lot of folks when they hear “self love” they scramble internally. Namely for those who are not living in genuine love for themselves. They will either go avoidant, “of course I love myself” (leave me alone) or pensive “I think I love myself” (maybe?) or full on denial “that’s bullshit anyway.”Continue reading “Do You Love You?”

Embracing Your Fears

Even the most rough and rugged human beings have some fear or challenge that’s difficult to face. Recognizing your fears and the source of that fear are the first steps to embracing them. With all things in life we must recognize situations for what they are before we can begin practicing change. Awareness is whereContinue reading “Embracing Your Fears”

Being the Bully

When you’re going out of your way to prove someone is beneath you, chances are you’re leagues under the seas beneath them. We are all out here doing our best in life, even the bullies. Often times being the bully is a defense developed from childhood. And before you groan about “again with childhood trauma”Continue reading “Being the Bully”

Relationships + Childhood Trauma

When two people begin to coexist there are often clashes that occur. You’re individuals who have lived a certain way and figuring out how your partner lives can be contrary to your own standards. In a healthy relationship, these clashes are openly discussed and some compromise is determined or we simply accept that quirk ofContinue reading “Relationships + Childhood Trauma”

Healing with Mental Illness

Not every soul who experiences a traumatic situation will develop symptoms of PTSD. However, some of us will be identified as mentally ill because we do struggle with symptoms like anxiety, depression and hyper vigilance. While mental illness creates additional obstacles it does not mean we cannot practice healing methods for our betterment. A lotContinue reading “Healing with Mental Illness”