Taking Back My Power

Life is a journey. Along the way we encounter challenges that either teach us a lesson or leave a lesion that we’re left to heal, else it festers and infects our well-being. Healing is awkward and unpredictable; backslides happen and self-doubt can make you want to give up. NEVER GIVE UP!!

In 2014 I drastically limited my pursuits on dreams (modeling, writing, creating) because I was going through divorce and slipping into a depression that is only now nearing resolutions in 2021. I rebounded out of a 7 year marriage into a toxic whirlwind guised as a relationship for 3+ years. My sentiment after the veil of the ‘honeymoon phase’ faded was always that I went “from the frying pan into the fire” in my relationships. We had multiple break ups and very dramatic emotion-driven reunions, a lot of false hopes and promises of change that never proved valid. It has taken me the better part of 7 years to heal the lesions and learn all the lessons from that entanglement.

My ex-husband and I had demons of our own that clashed often and eventually led to our divorce–he is still a person I trust to this day. We do not see eye to eye on many things, but we respect each others pursuits in living happier and healthier lives. I am grateful he remains in my life as a confidant, a person out there who’s in my corner and wants me to be successful.

On May 22, 2021 I went to meet a local photographer for an impromptu, chance-connection photoshoot and y’all — Modeling is so much fun for me! I have limited myself with beliefs that I could not be a model because I am a disabled veteran, because I have had sexual assaults in my past, because I am too old, because, because, because. I am taking my power back!! I can and will express myself. 🔥💛

Such tremendous thanks must be given to the man in my life today. He holds me accountable, he supports me being whoever I want to be, he helps me to help myself to become a more confident, healthy and happy version of myself. He even holds lights for the photographers and captures great ‘behind the scenes’ content! I am immensely grateful for the way he operates, how he simply fits into my life. A woman glows differently when she is valued. Thank you, Mister. 💚

If you would like to work with me in any of my creatives (photography, paint, yarn) I can be reached on most social medias @salleysmile. Thank you for reading my blog! Your engagement and support to my success are genuinely appreciated; attagirls keep me going. Sending my love to y’all, stay focused!

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