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Yarn Magic — Knit & Crochet

My love for yarn began in my late 20s, I started off with crochet and fell in love with amigurumis! Although, once I finally got the hang of knitting I have to say it’s much easier on the hands! Every week on Sunday nights I host a Knit Circle online through my discord server, if you’ve ever had an interest in learning yarn magic, come check it out

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I began painting during the 2020 pandemic. For months I had paint tools boxed up waiting for me to find the motivation to give it a shot. After a very stressful disability review I finally opened those boxes to give it a try in March 2020. Painting helped foster more healing in my spirit and I began accepting I am a creative soul.

All of my paintings are signed with my golden heart and scanned to high res images for print services (listing site being determined). Commissions are available starting at $1,000 per painting — this is not negotiable, I paint to express not to impress — this is the starting rate at which I am ‘for sale’ to the public as a painter. To begin a discussion regarding your commission desires email to get started.

For general art related news and updates visit me @SalleyStudios on facebook or instagram.

Your support is greatly appreciated! 💛

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Travel and photography really go hand-in-hand. I believe I’ve always had some enjoyment for capturing moments in time, I have been wandering around the world every chance I get since 2003 when I enlisted into the U.S. Army with the aspiration to travel; and travel I did. I began investing in DSLRs and photography equipment sometime around 2010. I primarily prefer scenic photography, though I have taken photos for events and portraits that friends or family have asked. At this time I am not offering any paid assignments for photography.

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Talent — Model / Actress

Modeling began for me in 2007, after I completed my military service. I figured it was time to pick up on childhood dreams; the dream was acting but modeling had more paid opportunities and there’s nothing quite like all cameras on you to boost the self esteem. My experience ranges from workshops to NYC fashion runways and so many things in between. In 2021 I began portfolio building again in consideration of returning to the vogue craft, if you would like to work with me be sure to send an email to to start a conversation!

Voice Over (coming soon)

Commercial (coming soon)Narration (coming soon)

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Digital Design

I have collegiate education in utilizing various Adobe products and basic web development skills. Well versed in Photoshop for image correction, restoration and manipulation. Available for various digital projects, rates begin at $25/hr dependent on assignment. If the gallery catches your eye or you’ve encountered my work around the virtual community online, send an email to to discuss your project details.

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The everlasting woe of the writer, no fancy images to show you the skill because reading is required to paint with words. Open to near any writing opportunity, send your inquiry to for consideration.

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