Poetry Collection Two

5 Poems circling love, passion and the power of our imaginations.

Image by lovethispic.com

Summer’s Love

Fall leaves dance in the wind.
The soft breeze gently rolls in,
Howling across meadows of gold.
These are signs of the winter cold.

The bitter frost sheathes the ground.
Our entire world losses it’s sound.
Outward we feel the cold air glide.
Even the bears have to hide.

Colorful flowers peek through the snow.
Each new blossom letting us know,
Spring is here and summer – soon to come.
The Season’s Cycle is almost done.

The summer sun shines through the trees.
Beautiful dolphins leap from the seas.
Cupids’ arrow glides like a dove.
Summer is… the season of love.

Image by mentalfloss.com

Every Thorn Has Its Rose

With every heartbreak you mourn
Your heart embeds another thorn.
Because your heart won’t forget the pain
Or how many pillows your tears have stained.
It won’t forget the hurtful lies
Or all the secret, hidden cries.
Your heart remembers pain so well
That with more pain, it brings up hell.
It’s not one memory that comes to play
It’s everything that led up to that day.

How could you be such a clown?
Didn’t you learn the first time around?
Of course you didn’t, your mind forgets
But the thorns remind your heart with slits.
Every thorn adds strength to your binding
It protects you from your absent minding.

We always forget what pain we’ve felt
Just so a new hand can be dealt.
We play our cards and hope to win
Then feel the thorns puncture again.

Your heart can only take so many pricks
Before your sorrow will make you sick.
It’s in this moment you have to decide
Do you want love?  Or to let your heart hide?
Although your bindings with time grow thick
You can still grow roses for someone to pick.
With proper care, compassion and understanding
Even a broken heart will be less demanding.
But don’t ignore what your heart has to say
Because it doesn’t forget a single bad day

Now keep in mind, the thorns have their reason
They’re not only reminders of past treason.
The bindings hold your heart together
to get you through the stormy weather
When tears are heavy and problems grow
Don’t give up, don’t let go.
After a storm your roses can bloom
Just don’t try to pluck them too soon
Allow your roses to come to life
Then share them with someone right

Image by 8womendream.com

Princess’ Chains

As the rain falls from the rooftop
I once again feel my heart stop.
No longer feeling care or compassion
I’m tired of living my life in this fashion.
Too often I show my heart to a stranger
Only to have it run and hide from danger.
Too many times have I felt this pain
All too often does my mind go insane
The rain that falls is from disrespect
Leaving me alone as a child from neglect
I’ll send my heart back to its castle
Until a prince comes to conquer the hassle
The hassle made when two become one
and only together can chains be undone.
The chains that bind us to our past
chains that always seem to last
Only a knight that’s shiny armed
Can save a princess from being harmed.

Image by NationalGeographic.com

Bayou Bogthing

A barefoot child goes down to the bayou,
Searching for a bright red ball he threw.
The cool marsh mud squishes between his toes,
The sweet scent of oak trees tickles his nose.
He looks out on the morning horizon,
A blanket of lily-pads turn at the bend.
Feeling something slimy land on his foot.
He faces the ground to have a quick look.
A petite green creature hops on a log,
Partly hidden by the morning fog.
He squints to the distance, “Mais, what could dat be?”
He moves a bit closer trying to see.
The creature jumps, landing on the ball.
Causing the boy to crash in a stumbly fall.
Mud in his eyes he looks to the creature,
“Mais shah, ’tis dat a bogthing feature?”
The child moves closer, a little shook.
The creature bellows out an echoing “Crooook”
The little boy laughs, snatching his ball,
“Awe now, ’tis only a wee bull frog.”

Image by kurld.com

Little Kitten

Wandering aimlessly about the house,
Curiously searching for that fat mouse.
There it went! Behind the couch.
The tiny predator stoops down to a crouch.
Watching carefully, just you wait.
He starts to run, but it’s too late.
She licks her lips, ready to pounce.
A giant leap from a springy bounce.
She caught the mouse. No! he wiggled out.
He runs to the kitchen, then a loud shout.
Here comes Ms. McDuff, the mouse close behind.
Little Kitten, so tough, she’ll catch him this time.
Another great leap, then awful rough tug.
Poor little kitten, she’s caught on the rug.
She tumbles and turns, twisting in lace.
Down comes little kitten, landing flat on her face.
She quickly scrambles, back to her feet.
Chasing that fat mouse, she’s ready to eat.
Ms. McDuff runs screaming, into the back room.
Next thing you know, she’s back with a broom!
She swings and yells, chasing little kitten and mouse.
They run out the door, going straight out the house.

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