Poetry Collection One

These 5 poems are inspired by a life event, a profound image or simply a leaf found in nature. The associated images are pulled from the internet to add visual factors to each poem. Enjoy!

Image by wallpapers-in-hd.com

Winter Days

With a colorful design
and lines so fine
A mass of wonder rise up tall
We take in the world as we fall.
One by one to the ground
Barely making any sound
Silent on the ground we lay
Where little creatures come out to play.
They nip and nibble as we fade.
Slowly changing to a new shade.
One part green, One part brown
Carefully blending with the ground.
As in life, we grow old
The edges of us begin to fold.
With time young beauty fades,
But we remember the cool winter days.


Image by lifehack.org


People wonder – how can a long-distance relationship last?
How do you know if things are going “too fast”?
If you had the chance to do it all again…
Would you still stand tall through to the end?

Of course… these questions are a little hard to answer,
I guess you could say that it takes a ‘chancer’.
Someone who’s willing to take a chance.
Someone who’s not afraid to go out and dance.
They stand tall because they’re filled with pride.
A true chancer is never given a reason to hide.
They are the people that have nothing to fear.
To them life is something that should be worked on, right now.. right here.

Of course, Everyone has a personal view.
Of course, Everyone knows ‘just what to do’.
But, those who are willing to take the chance,
Those that don’t fear a little romance.
The people we call a true blue chancer.
Those people know the true answer.
The key.. to rising above,
Just believe, and accept… pure love

Image by desktopnexus.com

Grand Protector

In the woods away from our world.
A mighty dragon lay asleep.
Protecting his queen – peacefully curled.
Dare an enemy to creep,
Upon his majesty’s pleasant slumber.
Her grand dragon shall awake.
A roar as loud as mighty thunder,
Makes the bare ground quake.
Brave Enemy – this is your fate.
Defeat these flames of glory.
Taken by fear – his sword drawn too late.
And this brings the end of our story.
The enemy defeated – now danger is gone.
Her majesty returns to sleep.
The enemy’s sword no longer worn.
Now a sword for the dragon to keep.


Image by doctordisruption.com

Sweet Touch

A young lady sneaks into a dark room.
She lights a row of candles.
The flickering light ingresses the gloom.
She carefully slips out of her sandals.
Laying back on the soft, warm bed,
She stares up at the ceiling.
Hearing something lowly said.
Suddenly indulging a distinct feeling,
She rises wearily, looking ahead.
With a smile, she greets her lover.
Lying beside her on the bed.
Carefully tugging down the cover.
They lay back as their kisses flow.
With their clothing disappearing.
Resting back on a soft white pillow.
Their passion now fiercely searing.
Down her lovers hands glide,
Passing her every curve.
Gently squeezing at her side,
Exciting her every nerve.
Sweet moans fill the night air.
and she arches into her love.
Being carefully caressed here and there.
Now burning passion soaring high above.
Going beyond even Gods heaven.
Carefully weaving their fingers together.
They hear the clock strike eleven.
Quietly her love whispers “forever”
Down her neck, sweet kisses lay.
She squeezes the hands of her lover.
Begging that they stay.
As they glide beneath the cover.


Image by horizonaward.org

New Horizon

As the sun slips away,
you know your day has ended.
In the wind trees sway.
All your wounds can be mended.

Everyone’s life has its ups and downs.
As you walk along the fading trail.
Remember the ups, don’t mope around.
With joy you cannot fail.

When life is getting rough,
give it a smile.
Show it that you’re tough,
and getting stronger by the mile.

As the moon lights the night sky,
and you curl into your bed.
Think of the things gone by,
let the day course through your head.

Remember the things of delight,
Those things that made you proud
Follow the trail toward the light,
Don’t fall in with the crowd

When life is getting rough,
give it a smile.
Show it that you’re tough,
and getting stronger by the mile.

As the sun peaks over the ocean,
and you awake for another day.
give a moment of devotion,
and take a look forward, in the best way.

When you look farther in the distance,
Only happiness should you see.
There should be no resistance,
This trail lets you be who you want to be.

When life is getting rough,
give it a smile.
Show it that you’re tough,
and getting stronger by the mile.

Look out on your new horizon, my friend.
and know that it is true.
No longer would you have to pretend.
For you are great, just being you.

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