Adventure Log 03.14.2022

I am out on another adventure! This trip I’ll be going up to visit a dear friend in Tennessee. She and I have not been face-to-face in over a decade. I’m going to meet her kiddos, significant other and get me a real big hug from a soul I love in this world. Kicking off this adventure has been a series of challenges and y’all… “Nevertheless she persisted” is the appropriate phrase for my shirt.

My first stopping point is in Lafayette, LA to have my car diagnosed (hopefully repaired) at the dealership. It’s a 2012 Mercedes and there’s often things that only the dealership can address. I’m fortunate to be known there and well taken care of by the staff. I scheduled myself a massage after my car drop off and they graciously drove me to my massage place. My neck and shoulders carry all my stress and the lady who worked on me greatly reduced my pain. Message me if you’d like her name at Massage Envy in Lafayette.

Unfortunately, finding a ride is no easy task and I left the massage to walk 30 minutes to my rent house. I tried using the car ride apps and turned up nothing. Grateful I had the foresight to wear my knee brace after it locked up on me a couple days ago. I believe Xena enjoyed the walk, even though she didn’t appreciate my ‘come on’ when something smelt interesting.

My car was ready around 3pm and it continues to have the RPMs fluctuating. I was assured it’s road ready and the trip will continue onward. If necessary, I’ll be visiting a shop in Tennessee. The joys of owning things. Either it’s new or needing repairs, always costing something. In an effort to redeem the day I ordered a rack of ribs from a place called Dickeys (shoutout to my grade school friend Dickey!) and I’m about to tear those up.

The rental I’m in also has a nice jetted jacuzzi bath that I will absolutely be soaking in to cap off the night tonight. My goal is to post here daily with an end of day wrap up similar to this post. I’ll take photos throughout the trip and do my best to share in the experience with y’all— if you’ve got any trip suggestions for the northern TN area, comment or message me direct!

We do have some plans in place, going for a ladies lunch date Thursday when weather is forecasted to be warm. I’m excited to see my friend and meet her family. Grateful to be on an adventure. Hopefully see some caverns while I’m in mountain country. Wherever I go, I’ll be recording on my dash cam — we’ll see if that footage ever sees the public.

Be well, sweet souls. 💛

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