The fun thing about knowledge is that there are so many things to know in the world that knowing it all is absurd. Of course knowledge wants to be shared and there’s the idea of common knowledge. Then there are idiot savants who excel in one field and fail at many others. The insult ofContinue reading “Knowledge”


We all make mistakes. A true testament of a persons character is whether or not they’ll be accountable to those mistakes. Those who lack accountability will cause pain for the souls their unhealed wounds bleed on. When we are accountable, we are able to progress and grow from our mistakes. There is little benefit toContinue reading “Accountability”


That warm and welcomed feeling: connection. When you finally feel understood by another soul in this world. We all desire a sense of connection and community. Unfortunately, not all we come in contact with are worth making (or keeping) a connection. It’s not to devalue another or their personal interests, it’s in our nature toContinue reading “Connection”


Feeling hurt is our bodies way of letting us know that something needs to change. Whether it’s physical or emotional pain, that hurt is your indication that something needs to be done. When it’s physical that’s easier, see a doctor for assessment and treatment options. When it’s emotional: good luck. Healing that hurt can takeContinue reading “Pain”


Feeling vacant is a symptom of low self worth. We begin to feel like a shell of ourselves when we do not feel confident in ourself. This sense of vacancy, as if you are empty and hollow, can serve as your indication that you’re searching for more meaning in life. Some may never stop searchingContinue reading “Vacancy”


We are all experiencing life from our own perspective, like a uniquely crafted lens that only you see life through. That’s why expecting others to be like you is impractical and unrealistic. We can relate with another’s experiences or perspectives and not be anything like them. No one is exactly like you and how boringContinue reading “Perspectives”

Self Love: 5 Pillars

Many will talk about the need to love yourself before loving anyone else and I believe this gets misunderstood. You do not -have- to love yourself to be lovable or to love another, there are parts of you that are always seen and often loved. However, you are likely to have unhealthy attachments if youContinue reading “Self Love: 5 Pillars”


If you have spent most of your life bottling your feelings or suppressing yourself, the idea of feeling feelings may bring up an uneasy feeling. You’ve survived so long pretending these emotions don’t exist so you can just “push on” pretending everything is fine. And that’s worked ‘fine.’ Feelings are messy, no one wants toContinue reading “Feelings”


No we’re not talking dishes and laundry, we’re talking about emotional housekeeping. The interior of your boundaries and who is allowed (and disallowed) through the front door. Healing and growing can only be sustained by limiting the amount of toxins you accept into your sacred space of well-being. Over time you may learn to tolerateContinue reading “Housekeeping”