Speak Gently and Be Brave

To embark on a healing journey is no minor undertaking. Many are so preoccupied with the day to day hustle of life that healing is the farthest from their mind. Unfortunately with trauma and internal—psyche, spirit—wounds, running away (avoiding) does not make the memories or their impact go away. One of the biggest practices IContinue reading “Speak Gently and Be Brave”

Anxious Eating : Restaurant Reviewing

Mister and I went out for lunch and I had a thought for posting reviews. I grew up in Acadiana area of Louisiana and through my military enlistment, I traveled the world. I lived in S. Korea, Germany and traveled Spain, France, the Caribbean’s and more. It’s my most broad creative portfolio: travel and scenicContinue reading “Anxious Eating : Restaurant Reviewing”

Words Can Kill

To disregard feelings is to disregard a human being. We all have feelings and deserve to feel valued and appreciated by those we have in our life. Our society has a shame culture component that seems to be magnified online with belittling and devaluation in memes and trolling. All for the luls, right? Except itContinue reading “Words Can Kill”


If you are not in the discord community now, here’s some incentive! Interested in hosting contests, donating prizes or suggesting future community activities… we welcome feedback! Join Us.. If you identify with the neurodivergent community or would appreciate an adult space online with focus on compassion over cruelty : consider goodvybe.gg ! Designated mature (18+)Continue reading “HALLOWEEN ART CONTEST”

Our Lives Are Not Universal

Humanity has held on to this concept of “common sense” to inject shame into socializing. When someone doesn’t know what you know, it can be a teachable moment. An introspect: Believing that others are stupid because they do not know what you know is a show of your impatience, not their intelligence. You do notContinue reading “Our Lives Are Not Universal”