I’ve got two critters under my care, a goldendoodle and a gray cat we nursed from a week old. My pup has task training as an assistance animal, she helps me calm down with pressure therapy. The cat was found alone in my brothers attic insulation, I volunteered to keep her alive. Now she is domesticated and toilet trained.

Yes, toilet trained. Juno pees in the toilet and she poops beside the toilet. Trained enough to not need a litter box is a win to me, just take toilet paper to pick up poop once a day. I have never been a fan of litter boxes and I’m proud of her for using the toilet to pee! If picking up poop is my compromise to scooping litter, I’ll take it.

Juno is a domestic short haired cat with gray tiger stripes and the attitude of a lioness. She’s wanted to be a domestic cat all her life. When we lived in the country she roamed the property with an orange tabby cat named Nacho. They did not get along overall, she was always hiding out on the patio. Nacho is a natural hunter and he’d attack Juno—he’s still in the country and we’ve moved to the city now.

Xena, my goldendoodle, is a 50/50 golden retriever and poodle breed. She was a recommended breed to me when I was in the market for a service dog, very smart. The maintenance needs of this breed should not be underestimated! I was mislead to believe this was the breed to choose and while I love my bitch to pieces I do not see myself getting another doodle for assistance animal work.

My critters are all spoiled because I love them and their comfort is important to me. They’re in my home for a short time and rely on me their whole lifetime, I do my best to give them comforts. I also have my own preferences and I’m fortunate for trainable critters who obey my commands.

While I’ll never be a parent I believe how I raise and care for my furbabies is a testament to how I would parent. They are spoiled, without a doubt and they are trained. My training style is positive reinforcement and disciplinary sounds. I don’t beat my critters into submission, our voice is powerful enough when used appropriately. I believe this is true in humans too, communication is key.

Be well, sweet souls. 💛

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