Hiatus + Feedback

Hey y’all,

I began daily writing to this blog on January 1, 2022 not knowing what I would do with it and wanting to discipline writing daily. I’ve had the website itself for years and I’m proud to have kept a 48 day streak going! I missed a blog post yesterday and figured I’d give myself a break. Going to take a writing hiatus for the next week (return March 1), focus elsewhere for a bit and come back to this or figure a way to fit my joys routinely into my days.

I would greatly appreciate y’all feedback! What posts resonated, which ones may have left you confused or with more questions than answers. A lot of what I wrote happened in the moment. Each morning I’d wake up, have coffee (now tea) and consider a topic I could elaborate about for the blog today. I naturally migrate toward healing and psychology because I’ve been a psych patient wanting to heal my hurt since 2006, before being deployed to Afghanistan.

If you’ve liked my content, have suggestions for topics or even questions on things I’ve talked about, let me know! Either comments or directly message me through Email (contact forms on site). I do a lot of creative things — photos, yarn, paint — and I enjoy meeting other creative souls, seeing what y’all are creating brings me joy.

Be well, sweet souls. 💛

If you identify with the neurodivergent community, would appreciate an adult space with a focus on support and betterment, I’d like to invite you to check out my discord server! Where shame, blame and devaluation are discouraged while compassion and personal growth are encouraged. The server is designated mature (18+) and minors are promptly removed. Multiple categories allow Members to decide what sort of content they’d like to see from the server using selections in the #about-you channel after joining. You’re invited!

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