Developing Gender Unity

Men and women need each other. The archaic ideas of gender roles and “knowing your place” are in desperate need of renovation. No one is meant to live in servitude of another (without consent). We are not meant to live in discomfort for others comfort, we all deserve to feel comfortable in our life. If you take up issue with the opposite gender that is -your- issue, not the entire genders characteristic based off individuals choices.

Generalizing people are why we have division and conflict in the world. Each person is individual and our life experiences shape our character and our perspectives. We have to make conscious choices to change the direction of our life and no one is beneath anyone, we all have our own capabilities and developed skills. When we work together, everyone can do what suits them and support each other.

I understand that’s a utopian concept and some reading this may not be in a financially secure enough position to pursue their passions as a career. Finding a career that feels rewarding is a most ideal scenario. Many in a capitalistic world will have to work whatever they can find to make ends meet. Each of our experiences are individual, even if details are relatable.

I do believe we need war to appreciate peace, I believe there is balance. And I believe we are currently weighed heavier on hate and loathing than love and support in the world. It truthfully breaks my heart that men and women will -hate- an entire opposite gender because of what a known collective have done unjustly. No human being is perfect, not one. We’ll have greater success in unity than division.

Many men will complain women are too emotional and women complain that men are insensitive. These are common complaints and neither are faults that deserve shame or blame, it simply is. We all have emotions and we can all be insensitive. Either communicate for compromise, accept your differences or walk away. All of the visceral and hatred amongst ourselves is not helping anyone. We are all thinking, feeling humans.

Even though I have had unhealthy relationships in my life as many adult have, I also know that healthy relationships depend on the individual. A persons character has nothing to do with their gender, ethnicity or even their culture. We are all able to choose acceptance or rejection of others. If we do not give patience and compassion to each other, who will? It begins with you.

Be well, sweet souls. 💛

Published by Ms Salley

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