All I’ve Ever Wanted Is To Feel Loved + Ukraine 🇺🇦

In light of recent ‘special military operations’ from Russia I found myself questioning what I wanted “to do” if things should go nuclear (literally). My conclusion: All I’ve ever wanted is to feel loved. Not told I’m loved while I’m ridiculed, not ‘shown love’ however others choose to show it — for me, in myContinue reading “All I’ve Ever Wanted Is To Feel Loved + Ukraine 🇺🇦”

Allowing Change To Happen

While trying to improve myself I have faced much resistance with things changing. Who am I if I change who I am? Then the anxieties of whether or not the changes are good or bad begin to spin. Classic overthink sinking hole. Eventually though, we have to let go of the worries holding us backContinue reading “Allowing Change To Happen”

How my relationships changed after boundary building

I was a people pleaser in sacrifice of myself for most of my life. I believed it was my top priority to make everyone around me comfortable—even when I was uncomfortable. Being sure that everyone else felt happy and content ensured my safety (in my mind). Today, I am the unwavering protector of my ownContinue reading “How my relationships changed after boundary building”

Hiatus + Feedback

Hey y’all, I began daily writing to this blog on January 1, 2022 not knowing what I would do with it and wanting to discipline writing daily. I’ve had the website itself for years and I’m proud to have kept a 48 day streak going! I missed a blog post yesterday and figured I’d giveContinue reading “Hiatus + Feedback”


I have a want for more purpose in my life as I’ve been “broken” since 2015 when I finally spoke up to obtain disability support for my PTSD symptoms. I am a disabled veteran and those 5 words carry weight. There are ‘opinions’ about government assistance being an easy out. There are social stigmatism’s thatContinue reading “Purpose”