There are times when “I’m sorry” is the best we can offer a hurting soul. Ultimately, sympathy is not beneficial to healing though. What sympathy says is ‘I see you’re hurt and I feel sorry for you,’ which can bring up more pain sometimes. While you may feel sorry for someone, it is empathy thatContinue reading “Sympathy”


No, not COVID masks, emotional masks. Whether or not you acknowledge your masks, you most likely wear a few. When we’re in public most commonly we’ll mask how we’re feeling to maintain discretion. Some view masking as a skill set and others may view masking as being deceitful. It all comes down to intentions, theContinue reading “Masks”


In society there exists a lot of pressure on family values. Unfortunately, not all families share strong values. Many adults today are working through the emotions of childhood traumas, situations and events their younger minds couldn’t come to grips with and it’s been carried on their back, into their adult lives. Often manifesting as anxiety,Continue reading “Family”


Today marks one year since I began officially dating the man I affectionally call ‘Mister’ and this blog post is about to gush. We first made acquaintance through tinder (yes, tinder) in early 2020 when the pandemic had everyone quarantined. I introduced him to Google Duo and we socialized over video calls before meeting inContinue reading “Anniversary”


I have a want for more purpose in my life as I’ve been “broken” since 2015 when I finally spoke up to obtain disability support for my PTSD symptoms. I am a disabled veteran and those 5 words carry weight. There are ‘opinions’ about government assistance being an easy out. There are social stigmatism’s thatContinue reading “Purpose”