Yes, I am sensitive. No, I am not weak. Every human being has emotions, I feel and express mine. The “toughen up, buttercup” mentality has never worked for me. I will always be sensitive and I will no longer tolerate insensitive behavior—I will call it out and I will walk away from it. I’m capableContinue reading “Sensitive”


Being an Empath is not a title to adorn as if it sets one apart from the collective. Being empathic is an additional skill set certain humans possess (most notably, psychics and clairvoyants). These souls also fall into the neurodivergent community. There’s a whole world of terminologies and theories surrounding the Empath (and their naturalContinue reading “Empaths”


“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can break my spirit.” That’s how that saying could have gone to be more accurate. Our words have meaning even if we think they’re meaningless. We never know what another person is going through or what they’ve endured and that’s why choosing words of kindness isContinue reading “Words”


I’ve got two critters under my care, a goldendoodle and a gray cat we nursed from a week old. My pup has task training as an assistance animal, she helps me calm down with pressure therapy. The cat was found alone in my brothers attic insulation, I volunteered to keep her alive. Now she isContinue reading “Critters”


The fun thing about knowledge is that there are so many things to know in the world that knowing it all is absurd. Of course knowledge wants to be shared and there’s the idea of common knowledge. Then there are idiot savants who excel in one field and fail at many others. The insult ofContinue reading “Knowledge”