If you have spent most of your life bottling your feelings or suppressing yourself, the idea of feeling feelings may bring up an uneasy feeling. You’ve survived so long pretending these emotions don’t exist so you can just “push on” pretending everything is fine. And that’s worked ‘fine.’ Feelings are messy, no one wants toContinue reading “Feelings”


No we’re not talking dishes and laundry, we’re talking about emotional housekeeping. The interior of your boundaries and who is allowed (and disallowed) through the front door. Healing and growing can only be sustained by limiting the amount of toxins you accept into your sacred space of well-being. Over time you may learn to tolerateContinue reading “Housekeeping”


Make living in gratitude your daily attitude. It is not enough to say you are thankful and smile politely you -must- feel, in your spiritual being, the sense of complete gratitude. It is a warm and calm, gracious feeling. In doing this, you can live in appreciation for what you have. Also in doing this,Continue reading “Gratitude”