Many may think of therapy as laying on a couch and complaining about life problems. This false ideology couldn’t be further from the truth. When you are working with a therapist you trust with the whole truth, they can help you heal. In a safe space we feel allowed to be vulnerable and that is where we find the roots of pain to begin mending them. I highly recommend cognitive therapy as it specifically focuses on cognition, how you’re thinking.

I have been with my cognitive therapist for over a year now, some sessions are focused and feel super productive. Other sessions I’m crying my eyes out half the time and she’s walking me through breathing exercises the other half. Every time I see her, I know that I am safe and our discussions are focused on my betterment. I know she wants me to be successful. Developing rapport takes time and it’s vital that we trust our therapists with the whole truth to best assist us in finding our resolutions.

Through the years I have had many therapists and I’m an advocate for cognitive therapy. This method of being aware and adjusting my thoughts has changed my life. While I still struggle with my anxiety and depression, I’m better able to identify and ride along side my off days. I recognize it’s a low mood day and accept it instead of investing so deeply in the low mood that I’m locked to my bed for a week.

Those “bed lock” depressions were a catalyst in my determination to figure out healing one way or another. I am still figuring it out, I figure I’ll always be figuring life out and that’s ok. I don’t have to have all of the answers and I know enough to protect my well-being now. Having someone with psychological study credentials and compassion to talk through struggles is a great advantage when you’re wanting betterment for your life.

Mostly therapy is a trusted sound board. A professional who hears you out and talks with you to understand what’s reality, what’s emotion-fueled, what’s within your control. In my opinion, a good therapist will not only tell you what you want to hear, they’ll tell you their perception of truth to help you improve your life. They’ll have a discussion about situations to find solutions. The final choices are always in our hands.

Always honor your comfort. If your therapist is not a fit, leaving them can be a practice in letting go for what’s better. They are less likely to take this personally as professionals. Walking away from people who discomfort you is a part of building boundaries and that includes your health providers. We tell the world how to treat us with what we tolerate. Never underestimate the importance of your comfort.

Be well, sweet souls. 💛

If you identify with the neurodivergent community, would appreciate an adult space with a focus on support and betterment, I’d like to invite you to check out my discord server! Where shame, blame and devaluation are discouraged while compassion and personal growth are encouraged. The server is designated mature (18+) and minors are promptly removed. Multiple categories allow Members to decide what sort of content they’d like to see from the server using selections in the #about-you channel after joining. You’re invited!

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