Meditation to help you relax

Whether you’re a novice or proficient in meditation, relaxation is a goal many of us share. For beginners I’d recommend going into nature without any electronics; woods, waterside or a local park. This will remove the potential for distraction by devices (as they’re designed to provide). Meditation is about being very present in right now.

For those who have practiced mindfulness and meditation for some time may find daily activities meditative. It’s becoming acutely aware of your being and how you’re feeling. Relaxing your jaw, dropping your shoulders and focusing on your breath. This is the basic premise in meditation; consciously lowering chaos levels to tap in to the authentic you below it all.

Many refer to meditation as going inside because it’s a reflective time where thoughts are free flowing. The focus is calm, consistent breathing to lower the excitement (chaos) carried in our nervous system with stress and worry. In this calm, meditative state we find the time to introspect and evaluate situations with more clarity.

There’s a Buddha proverb about turbulent waters being unclear and we also have unclear vision when we are turbulent. While many may operate from a place of uncertainty, those interested in self betterment may benefit from meditation. Developing your practice for meditation is as unique as a fingerprint.

Personally, hand washing dishes is a meditative time for me. Even though I am guilty of putting them off, when my hands feel the warm water, I enter a zone. In this zone I am relaxed and my primary focus is each dish. While I’m cleaning my thoughts of the day flow freely and all I have to be is there cleaning dishes. I’m often getting ideas for solutions at the kitchen sink and in the shower. Perhaps it’s in the water.

Even certain music can persuade me into a meditative state, being relaxed. We are each individual on “what works” for us. Meditation is a practice and the more methods you practice the more likely you are to find what works. Find your comfort and joys in life.

Be well, sweet souls. 💛

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