Give Time To Your Passions

When we honor our indulgence for passion projects we find more joy in our days. Dedicating a slice of your day (if that’s all you can give) to something passionate to you can get your inner light burning brighter. Even if it is not practical to make your passion a day job, there’s no rule to say we have to shove our joys away if we’re not able to turn a profit. Light your fire anyway!

Don’t know what starts your fire? Search for the activity that keeps you awake later in the night and excited to get out of bed in the morning. We all have different passions and even if you have the same passion as someone else, how YOU passion is unique to you. Try new things and see which things get you most excited, make you think or daydream. That’s your passion.

Human beings in all our abilities are not in existence to be a slave to their employer or their own business. Of course, hard work does pay off and so does consistent and balanced progress. If Steven King’s shining taught us nothing: “all work, no play” is not ideal. Passion projects are actually good for your mental health. The process of free-range creativity relieves stress.

There are even Art Therapy professionals who help traumatized souls find healing through creativity. When we creatively express we are in a different mode of thought. We are all born creative and imaginative children, we learn to fall in line to fit in to society. Some of us don’t stay in the lines very well and wander off to do our own things away from society too.

I didn’t know I would have the passion for my arts the way that I do today. I deeply enjoy my creative outlets and I gain a sense of satisfaction when I complete a painting or finish a yarn project. Even when I capture that “just right” photo, I’m washed over with a sense of self pride and accomplishment. They’re all passion projects for me.

I began yarning when I was awarded disability and stopped going to work. Now I can knit and crochet with either hand (alternating helps me get more done). Painting was a whim after a very difficult review on my disability in 2020 and it’s a great joy in my life today. Art is my pause, my time for me to be me in totality. I create from and for my soul. Find your passions.

Be well, sweet souls. 💛

If you identify with the neurodivergent community, would appreciate an adult space with a focus on support and betterment, I’d like to invite you to check out my discord server! Where shame, blame and devaluation are discouraged while compassion and personal growth are encouraged. The server is designated mature (18+) and minors are promptly removed. Multiple categories allow Members to decide what sort of content they’d like to see from the server using selections in the #about-you channel after joining. You’re invited!

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