Embracing Your Fears

Even the most rough and rugged human beings have some fear or challenge that’s difficult to face. Recognizing your fears and the source of that fear are the first steps to embracing them. With all things in life we must recognize situations for what they are before we can begin practicing change. Awareness is where change starts or stops, whichever we choose.

Embracing your fears is not about running full speed with great abandon into your darkest fears. When we’re in an embrace it’s warm and welcoming. The goal is acceptance through perseverance and practicing authenticity. Some may want to jump out of planes to face their fear of heights and some may accept that heights are unnerving so coping skills will be needed if heights are involved. Both embrace the fear for what it is and make an adjustment in their life.

Bravery is often attributed to heroes and overlooked in every day choices. Speaking up after a lifetime of silence is brave. Being an advocate for your well-being, come what may, is bravery. We are not only brave when we make extraordinary leaps in life, we are brave every time we aspire for change. Realizing the impact of your choices and wanting to do better is beyond brave.

Choosing to remain in dysfunction and perpetuate hurtful behavior is ultimately easier and that’s why so many will do just that. Being accountable and facing the deep fear of rejection or abandonment can feel completely earth shattering. The more pain you face and process the more peace you’ll begin to embrace. Avoidance and repression only cause our hurts to fester.

I am beyond frightened of heights. I love to travel and I despise flying. I’m not a fan of roller coasters or any activity that makes my stomach touch my tonsils (or so it feels). However, I continue to fly because it’s our quickest mode of travel and time is valuable. I have a dear friend who served in Afghanistan with me who’s encouraging of sky diving and I periodically remind him ‘nope’ I’m not jumping.

Even though these fears exist in me I do not impede on others enjoyment and I acknowledge it’s not for me. I will applaud their landing on the ground and likely take photos while they descend—I’m not jumping. Maybe someday he’ll convince me otherwise, he does make it look like fun. The point is to continue living along side your fears and embrace the journey.

Be well, sweet souls. 💛

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