Our Lives Are Not Universal

Humanity has held on to this concept of “common sense” to inject shame into socializing. When someone doesn’t know what you know, it can be a teachable moment. An introspect: Believing that others are stupid because they do not know what you know is a show of your impatience, not their intelligence. You do not want to share what you know or “waste time explaining” and shame their not knowing to dismiss the task of teaching them.

We are each unique and our life experiences shape our perceptions of existence. None of us know all the answers. We each have strengths and weaknesses that improve and impair our lived experience. The differences between us are what keep life interesting! We are meant to be different. It’s demanding that we all behave, think and feel the same that create cognitive distortions. To live in love and let live in peace could be life changing for the world and it’s not easy. Conflict is inevitable in a world of projections and demands.

What I have learned while exploring my desire to heal and make healthier choices:

  1. Not everyone will value you and it’s ok to cut or limit your time with them. Believe the bullies are intentional.
  2. Building boundaries can reveal hidden traits that disconnect friends and family. Honor your well-being.
  3. Intuition is our nervous system communicating safety. Note who makes you feel (un)safe. Find comfort.
  4. Surviving is strength, thriving is discipline.
  5. Change takes time.

Nothing about the healing journey is easy. It has even become a modern deflection “hope you heal those wounds” to dismiss strangers online. It’s not a coincidence those who pursue healing refer to it as putting in work. Accountability is not easy for many and it is vital to the healing process. We do not mend wounds we pretend don’t exist, that’s repression and leads to bigger rifts.

When we are capable of accountability is where we reflect on our choices and consequences in life, all experiences and outcomes. In awareness and accountability we are able to mend emotional / psychological wounds. It’s removing the I and asking why. Our behaviors or actions in life occur for a reason, something underlying. Rather than judging and scorning in bitter resentments, become curious: ask why. It is brave to heal.

Be well, sweet souls. 💛

If you identify with the neurodivergent community or would appreciate an adult space online with focus on compassion over cruelty : consider my discord server! Designated mature (18+) and all known minors removed. Optional verification (ID required) for access to nsfw mature content. Multiple categories and activities on server can be (de)selected using reactions in the server 🔍INFO > #about-you channel (see ❗server-rules❕ for membership). You’re invited! “Keep it a goodvybe.”

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