Adventure Log 03.20.2022

I am filled with gratitude for the time and ability to see my friend over the past week. Being able to reconnect with her and meet her family is invaluable to me. Friday night I watched her kiddos so she could enjoy a date night. For me, this is how I like to vacation whenContinue reading “Adventure Log 03.20.2022”

Adventure Log 03.16.2022

Most of the 15th was spent on the road. I traveled through Louisiana, across Mississippi into Tennessee. There was a band of rain during my trip so the snap shot I got from the Tennessee line isn’t great. I’ll try to get a still from my dash cam when I get around to downloading itContinue reading “Adventure Log 03.16.2022”

Adventure Log 03.14.2022

I am out on another adventure! This trip I’ll be going up to visit a dear friend in Tennessee. She and I have not been face-to-face in over a decade. I’m going to meet her kiddos, significant other and get me a real big hug from a soul I love in this world. Kicking offContinue reading “Adventure Log 03.14.2022”

All I’ve Ever Wanted Is To Feel Loved + Ukraine 🇺🇦

In light of recent ‘special military operations’ from Russia I found myself questioning what I wanted “to do” if things should go nuclear (literally). My conclusion: All I’ve ever wanted is to feel loved. Not told I’m loved while I’m ridiculed, not ‘shown love’ however others choose to show it — for me, in myContinue reading “All I’ve Ever Wanted Is To Feel Loved + Ukraine 🇺🇦”

Allowing Change To Happen

While trying to improve myself I have faced much resistance with things changing. Who am I if I change who I am? Then the anxieties of whether or not the changes are good or bad begin to spin. Classic overthink sinking hole. Eventually though, we have to let go of the worries holding us backContinue reading “Allowing Change To Happen”