How my relationships changed after boundary building

I was a people pleaser in sacrifice of myself for most of my life. I believed it was my top priority to make everyone around me comfortable—even when I was uncomfortable. Being sure that everyone else felt happy and content ensured my safety (in my mind). Today, I am the unwavering protector of my ownContinue reading “How my relationships changed after boundary building”

Hiatus + Feedback

Hey y’all, I began daily writing to this blog on January 1, 2022 not knowing what I would do with it and wanting to discipline writing daily. I’ve had the website itself for years and I’m proud to have kept a 48 day streak going! I missed a blog post yesterday and figured I’d giveContinue reading “Hiatus + Feedback”

Developing Gender Unity

Men and women need each other. The archaic ideas of gender roles and “knowing your place” are in desperate need of renovation. No one is meant to live in servitude of another (without consent). We are not meant to live in discomfort for others comfort, we all deserve to feel comfortable in our life. IfContinue reading “Developing Gender Unity”

Do You Love You?

I have seen a lot of folks when they hear “self love” they scramble internally. Namely for those who are not living in genuine love for themselves. They will either go avoidant, “of course I love myself” (leave me alone) or pensive “I think I love myself” (maybe?) or full on denial “that’s bullshit anyway.”Continue reading “Do You Love You?”

Embracing Your Fears

Even the most rough and rugged human beings have some fear or challenge that’s difficult to face. Recognizing your fears and the source of that fear are the first steps to embracing them. With all things in life we must recognize situations for what they are before we can begin practicing change. Awareness is whereContinue reading “Embracing Your Fears”