Adventure Log 03.16.2022

Most of the 15th was spent on the road. I traveled through Louisiana, across Mississippi into Tennessee. There was a band of rain during my trip so the snap shot I got from the Tennessee line isn’t great. I’ll try to get a still from my dash cam when I get around to downloading itContinue reading “Adventure Log 03.16.2022”

Adventure Log 03.14.2022

I am out on another adventure! This trip I’ll be going up to visit a dear friend in Tennessee. She and I have not been face-to-face in over a decade. I’m going to meet her kiddos, significant other and get me a real big hug from a soul I love in this world. Kicking offContinue reading “Adventure Log 03.14.2022”

Hiatus + Feedback

Hey y’all, I began daily writing to this blog on January 1, 2022 not knowing what I would do with it and wanting to discipline writing daily. I’ve had the website itself for years and I’m proud to have kept a 48 day streak going! I missed a blog post yesterday and figured I’d giveContinue reading “Hiatus + Feedback”

Embracing Your Fears

Even the most rough and rugged human beings have some fear or challenge that’s difficult to face. Recognizing your fears and the source of that fear are the first steps to embracing them. With all things in life we must recognize situations for what they are before we can begin practicing change. Awareness is whereContinue reading “Embracing Your Fears”

Meditation to help you relax

Whether you’re a novice or proficient in meditation, relaxation is a goal many of us share. For beginners I’d recommend going into nature without any electronics; woods, waterside or a local park. This will remove the potential for distraction by devices (as they’re designed to provide). Meditation is about being very present in right now.Continue reading “Meditation to help you relax”