This is one of my favorite words and an important core value in my life. The act of being openly honest, accountable and transparent in your character. Choosing to be honest, even (especially) when no one is looking, unwavering sincerity. Those who respect integrity are the authentic souls, you get what you get with them.Continue reading “Integrity”


When you’re in a conversation pay mind to your goals of the discussion. Do you listen to understand or listen to judge? Every judgment we pass is a reflection of us, our beliefs and ideals. It’s impossible to know an entire existence in one conversation. We only deeply know our own existence and we canContinue reading “Understanding”


Feeling like you’ll never let it go and having that pit of rage in your bowels. No one enjoys this and it can feel like you have no other option. When there’s no resolutions, no closure, we’re all prone to developing resentment about it. There are other options to seething hatred of others and youContinue reading “Resentment”


Many may think of therapy as laying on a couch and complaining about life problems. This false ideology couldn’t be further from the truth. When you are working with a therapist you trust with the whole truth, they can help you heal. In a safe space we feel allowed to be vulnerable and that isContinue reading “Therapy”


When we’re ill we seek medication to lessen our symptoms. The same can apply to mental illness. Sometimes medication can help us cope when we’re lacking emotional regulation. Our feelings are valid and deserve acknowledgment and when our feelings are difficult to manage, medication can help. Maintain your integrity, be mindful of how medications makeContinue reading “Medication”