The Pursuit of Betterment

In my recent post, progress not perfection, I spoke about the pursuit of unattainable perfection. As human beings we are innately flawed, whether you source that from religion or life experiences—we all make mistakes. The pursuit of betterment includes being accountable to our faults. Mistakes are not needing of shame or blame, accountability alone canContinue reading “The Pursuit of Betterment”

Progress not perfection

When our goal is making progress instead of reaching perfection we invite more gentle thoughts. Instead of thinking you may never “get it right” you may instead begin to think things like “it’s a step in the right direction” — and it is. We do not face a challenge and instantaneously solve that problem withoutContinue reading “Progress not perfection”

Meditation to help you relax

Whether you’re a novice or proficient in meditation, relaxation is a goal many of us share. For beginners I’d recommend going into nature without any electronics; woods, waterside or a local park. This will remove the potential for distraction by devices (as they’re designed to provide). Meditation is about being very present in right now.Continue reading “Meditation to help you relax”

Paradise Fallen

A Short Story Because I refuse to not post today, even though I accidentally deleted todays blog. 😬 “You could just walk away you know.” her voice is stern and her attention laser focused on the knot she is tying. “You could accept help from a friend, you know.” he replies with a smirk andContinue reading “Paradise Fallen”


Releasing our emotional pains can be challenging. Who would I be without carrying around my trauma? What goals would I have if not healing and helping others navigate their own healing too? It’s not always easy to let go. Sometimes it feels a lot like self-betrayal to even consider forgiveness. Like everything in this healingContinue reading “Release”